US Climate Action Network

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Ullman Consulting designed and led the process to create a member co-created strategic plan for the US Climate Action Network. USCAN is the U.S. node of the international network of climate action and advocacy nonprofits.   The USCAN strategic plan focuses on building trust and alignment between member nonprofits in the climate advocacy movement through equitable and democratic participation in the network. Below is a summary of the key strategic elements of that plan.

Energy Efficiency for All

Ullman Consulting advised EEFA regarding their national partnership collaboration strategy. Energy Efficiency for All unites people from diverse sectors and backgrounds to collectively make multifamily affordable homes energy and water efficient. We do this work so people in under-invested communities – particularly black, LatinX, and other communities of color – who have been marginalized can equitably benefit from the health, economic, and environmental advantages of energy and water efficiency. Reducing energy and water use in affordable multifamily housing will improve the quality of life for millions, preserve affordable housing across the country, reduce the energy burden on those who feel it the hardest, and cut carbon pollution.

The Funders Network for Smart Growth

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Ullman Consulting led the strategic planning process for the Partners for Places (P4P) pooled grant fund. The objectives of the project were to create an aligned vision among the pooled funders, develop a 3-5 year strategic plan, and integrate the strategic plan with current operations. P4P is a matching grant program that funds projects to build long term relationships between Sustainability Directors and place based funders. Through Partners for Places, national funders collectively invest in local projects to promote a healthy environment, a strong economy, and well-being of all residents.

Southeast Sustainable Communities Fund

Ullman Consulting launched the grant program in partnership with The Kendeda Fund and the Southeast Sustainability Directors Network. The purpose of the $1.5M fund is to accelerate the adoption of sustainable best practices in Southeast communities by funding projects that implement local sustainability solutions, while leveraging the SSDN network to help others learn from grantee experiences and widely sharing success stories about sustainability in the Southeast.

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Ullman Consulting, in collaboration with Innovation Networks for Communities, designed and led the process to create the Urban Sustainability Directors Network five year strategic plan. As a former member and Planning Committee member, Ullman understood the importance of member driven strategy for USDN. To this end she designed and led critical member engagement processes that resulted in unanimous adoption of the plan during a USDN annual meeting. Key elements of this process which she stewarded included: a think tank retreat with key member leaders and funders, a Planning Committee retreat, Planning Committee and member interviews, member circle outreach, all member discussion and webinars. The USDN strategic plan focuses on scaling network impact from peer learning to best practice implementation on the ground in member communities. As USDN began to implement this plan they asked Ullman Consulting to continue supporting the network by evaluating and recommending updated network membership and long term financial policies both of which were adopted and have continued to be implemented over time. Click these links to see the USDN Strategic Plan and Executive Summary