Consulting Services

Strategy Development

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Ullman Consulting’s creative problem solving talents are well-suited to strategic planning processes. We deftly balance stakeholder wisdom with a larger perspective to create new ideas and approaches for our clients and their partners. We tailor processes to maximize stakeholder engagement, clarify goals, set measurable objectives, and identify mission-critical actions.

Collaboration Design

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Ullman Consulting is passionate about empowering teams to drive positive, sustainable change in the world. We apply our deep knowledge of collaboration theory to participant led social impact networks by designing startup collaborations and determining strengthening strategies for existing efforts, assessing structural health, and coaching leaders.



By designing, leading, and coordinating processes that produce actionable outcomes, Ullman Consulting develops teams that are effective at identifying shared goals and fostering full participation. We enjoy weaving people and conversations together through positive interactive workshops, convening, and meetings to support our clients’ goals.

Our Expertise Includes:

  • Planning and convening funder and grantee convenings. We will help with everything collaboratively designing agendas and preparing speakers — to facilitating discussions and workshops; documenting actions and discussions; defining goals and milestones; instituting follow-up mechanisms; and creating professional reports and products.
  • Coaching leaders. Sustainability professionals and other system stakeholders are the people who have the on-the-ground information and experience, and they are also the people who are going to create some of the most pragmatic and effective policies and processes. Ullman Consulting can help them to build their own professional teams and partnerships, articulate their vision, and utilize funding, media, and other resources.
  • Cultivating operations and systems thinking. We understand how important it is to tailor best practices to specific communities, regions, and groups, and we can help our clients to adapt operations and systems to implement best practices that work for them.
  • Facilitating funder/ grantee relationships. Maggie Ullman literally co-wrote the book on funding partnerships– Investing Strategically in Social-Impact Networks — and Ullman Consulting will build on Maggie’s expertise to initiate and promote funding communications and strategies that help funder and grantee clients to define and achieve their shared sustainability goals.
  • Modeling creativity and flexibility. We are happy to talk with you about your needs and finding new ways to use our skills and experience to help you.